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Are you a business owner?

Do you run or look after a business in the Channel Islands, the UK, or France?

Your contact details can be instantly accessible and readily available without expensive advertising costs.

Become a CI informant and get your business listed.


What is a CI Informant?

This is the term given to the registered users of

A CI Informant has full access to their listing via a dashboard and can add, edit, and maintain business information.

A CI Informant can nominate staff or an agent (i.e. marketing company) to maintain or change their listing, but they should have the final sign off before forwarding any amendments to admin will review any amendments within 24 hours and, once approved, these amendments will be uploaded onto the live site.

Standard Listing

This free listing details basic contact information and a short description of your business activity. It’s important to include key words in this description to help browsers find you through the search engine.  

Enhanced Listing

A more detailed listing that lets you add further information including website links, logos and photos. You will have access to a wider selection of business categories to better describe your business activity and will have the ability to link to other listings (i.e. if you sell a product through another shop). 

With the Enhanced Listing you can also display events and, if you belong to a professional organisation or guild, have your membership accredited by choosing the organisation you belong to.

Check out our current "Six For Free" offer, this allows you to try out an Enhanced Listing for Six months for free. Or for only £24 you can get an Enhanced Listing for a whole year. 

Is your business already listed?

Have you searched for your business and found it’s already listed?

Just select your listing, click “manage this listing” , then register and wait for admin approval (within 24 hours).

Once authorised, you will be able to manage your listings and events (depending on your listing type) via your dashboard.  

What’s On

If you have an event coming up, then why not add it to our ‘What’s On’ page?

This section can be searched by browsers using key words and dates.

You can add key information about your event, as well as images.

Check out the events already listed on ‘What’s On’.