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Glossary for, explanations for What's on Jersey, Whats on Guernsey, business listings all on





Should the business belong to an accredited professional body (like the Chamber of Commerce) then their membership can be listed here. This adds value to their Listing which in turn adds value to their business.

Once membership is acknowledged by the relevant professional body, the link will be setup by the Admin staff.


Each Listing must be attached to at least one business Category that defines the key area which is the key area of business for this company or organisation. 

A Standard Listing is limited to just 1 Category and an Enhanced Listing can have up to 5 Categories attached to it. 

Enhanced Listing

An Enhanced Listing allows more than just the Core/Key Contact information about a business or organisation. 

 An Enhanced Listing allows up to 4 additional Categories to be applied, allows up to 4 tabs of additional information to be added, such as the “About Us” tab. 

 The Enhanced Listing can have additional phone numbers and linked to the professional organisation that the company may be a member of. 


This is a page in where the details of a business or organisation are shown. The page is maintained by a CI Informant through their DashBoard. 

See the different types of Listings: Standard Listing / Enhanced Listing


Each Listing must be attached to at least 1 location. This identifies the geographical location of where the business operates. 

A Standard Listing can select 1 Location and an Enhanced Listing may be attached up to 5 different locations. 

Standard Listing

A Standard Listing contains the Core/Key Contact information about a business or organisation on The Standard Listing is free of charge and can have one event at any one time connected to it.

Summary Information

Each Listing can enter up to ?? characters in a brief Summary description about themselves. 

For Standard Listings this is displayed on the “More !>” information window together with the Core/Key Conact information about the business. It is also searchable, so helps Browsers find your business easier...

For Enhanced Listings, this Summary information is displayed on the Search list page, so can easily catch the eye of browsers. 

Phone numbers and/or web site addresses cannot be entered into the Summary section - these are entered in their own relevant section.


The Enhanced Listing is allowed to set up to 4 different Tabs that allows more information on the different aspects of the business to be details. 

The first tab must be the “About Us’ Tab where further general details about the company or organisation can be listed. 

Suggestions of the other Tabs are things like”Opening Hours”, “Meet the Team” and “Sales”

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