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How to list your business or event on Ciinfo. How to search for businesses in Jersey and Guernsey or find out what's on in Jersey and what's on in Guernsey is an exciting on-line directory of businesses and organisations within and around the Channel Islands. 

Whether you live here or are just visiting, then is the best way for you to find out vital information about the business or organisation you're looking for.

Looking for a business?

Ciinfo Search Coffee

The search bar will find the business you are looking for. Just enter the name or keywords of the business you are searching for into the search bar and GO! will then return a list of the different businesses or organisations that match your search criteria.

 Have you found what you looking for? searches listings across all of the Channel Islands, but you can now filter that down by selecting just the island you are on. 

All you need to do now is select the business and get their contact details. Their listing could also have other information, such as their opening hours or emergency numbers. It all depends how much information the business owner has added to their Listing!

 Found your business?

If you are a business owner and have found your business listed here, click "manage this listing". You will then be asked to either log in or to register as a Ci Informant.

Then if you are already registered as a CI Informant, log in and complete the message box explaining why you would like to be connected to this listing. 

What is a CI Informant?

When you register as a CI Informant you have access to a Dashboard, from which you can see which Listings and Events you have access to. 

All of the Listings and Events that you have access to will be shown and you have the ability to maintain these Listings/Events.

Each Listing can have more than one CI Informant, however there can only be one Key CI Informant, who will have to approve any changes made to the Listing.

Your Dashboard

Once you have logged in or registered, you will then be taken to your Dashboard page. From here, you are able to setup and maintain your listings content, logos, and images. You can also setup and maintain your Events.

Listings Options

Event Options

Events also allows you to upload any events you may have coming up. Events are also searchable, and will allow browsers to search for events that they would like to attend. They can do this by searching for key words, entering a date selection or both! The Event page will show the browsers with key information about the even.


Click here for the Glossary of the terms used for