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SIX For FREE Offer


Are you ready to get your SIX for Free?



Step 1

Create your user account - so we know you're on the system. We call that a CI Informant.  Click here to register

Step 2

Once you have created your user account, now add a listing for your business or all your businesses if you have loads

Step 3

Now fine tune the listing with your business category and location. Then make sure you select ENHANCED LISTING with the TRIAL AVAILABLE option so you can add even more info... then you are ready!

Connect to your Dashboard and make changes whenever you want. And as many times as you want. Once we at have reviewed your changes, these will then be displayed on your Listing. 

It's that simple!

So...Click here to register and lets get your listing live...

If you have any questions, just email us on and remmber to let us know your Listing name.