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Tax Free Boats

Interested in tax free boats?

Tax Free Boats

Many people don’t realise that Jersey is a great place for tax free boats. Jersey is a beautiful and charming place, the great cruising ground on its doorstep. With superb restaurants, shops and other amenities waiting ashore also add to the Island’s attractiveness. Jersey is a sensible base for boats, yachts and their owners. This is mainly because of a tax benefits including British shipping registry, financial packages for both owning the boat and running its crew. Also a competitively priced modern marina with 5 Gold Anchor status and good air links to the UK and Europe. is a great place to source information on tax free boats, marine services, boats and yachting businesses. 

More information can also be found at Set out below are some of the benefits of having tax free boats in Jersey as the Port of British Registry. Jersey has a two-hundred year history as a British Register with over 2,000 vessels. together with local expertise in all aspects of yacht and crew management, technical coding and compliance. We are a member of the coveted Red Ensign Group with a reputation as a quality Register. British Consular services and support available when abroad. Registration is proof of title and enables owner to obtain a mortgage on the vessel.

Registration includes bareboat charter and demise options so that owner keeps original jurisdiction of registration. Sits outside the UK and EU: (a) GST-free Temporary Importation into Island. (b) VAT-free Temporary Importation into EU for ships owned by non-EU residents. (c) Social Security insurance exemptions available to non-resident crews. (d) No corporation or tonnage tax for company-owned vessels. Registration is only every ten years (UK is 5-yearly) with no annual fee.